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Some Incense Smoke Products contain prohibited entheogens, chemicals and herbs in their ingredients resulting in a product that is not legal in USA States. This is not the case with Legal Incense Herbal Smoke from the Spice Smoke Shop we have recommended. All of the products from our recommended smoke shop sites are allowed by law and are free from harmful, and illegal ingredients and can be freely purchased by any USA citizen.

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Incense Smoking is it a New Trend?

Incense Smoking Legal Highs

If you are a smoking aficionado, a midnight toker or a fan of Mary Jane, or just thinking about trying some new things, you may have heard about herbal incense smoke. Incense smoking has spread like wildfire since its introduction to the U.S. around 2000 or so, and its enthusiasts list among its advantages the fact that it is legal, safe, and every bit as potent as cannabis in its effects. Although some go so far as to posit smoke incense as a sort of substitute for marijuana, this is actually illegal and unrealistic besides. Rather, Herbal Incense Smoke is meant as a legal and safe alternative in the family of smoking choices, among other choices such as pipe smoking, cigarette smoking, and less legal means such as marijuana or even opium smoking.

Is Incense Smoking a New Trend? In a word, no. Various cultures and societies have adopted the practice of using incense to get high and access the higher places of spiritual living for thousands of years. Human history is strewn with these examples, and oral and written evidence for the practice abounds, such as:

  • Using smoke incenses was part of religious rituals in numerous religions, including Chinese, Indian, and ancient Babylonian worship rituals. The incense smoke was burned in the temple or holy place to bring about the necessary contact with the spirits.
  • Although scattered evidence for the use of tobacco smoking is found in cultures such as the Native American where it was part of the elaborate peace pipe ritual, the commercial use of tobacco did not begin until around the 16th century. It was also used as a pain killer and a cure for the common cold (sounds like a good excuse to smoke incense, right?).
  • The abuse of tobacco in the sense of chain smoking was looked down upon by these same Native American tribes that used it in their religious rituals. Their belief that "abusing" it would cause the plant to "abuse" the smoker in return is quite interesting in light of the cancer-causing properties and health hazards associated with tobacco smoking today.
  • Tobacco quickly became a highly important crop in the Virginia Colony, where soon African slaves were brought in to help harvest the labor intensive crop. Its history as an agent of exploitation is particularly interesting when you consider the negative stereotypes applied to cigarette smokers today.
  • Cannabis smoking has been a common way of getting in touch with the unseen aspects of the spiritual world for a long time, perhaps even longer than tobacco smoking. Various Middle Eastern traditional literature and poetry examples mention the practice of smoking cannabis through what is known as a "hookah" pipe, the modern equivalent of which is the water pipe.
  • Early references to cannabis in ancient China also report using it as an incense to get high in Taoist literature, for example. The Tao encyclopedia Wushang Biyao mentions that it was added to the ceremonial incense burners in order to "call down the Perfected Immortals."

Will Incense Smoke Cause me to Fail a Drug Test?

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The fact is that many people wanting to try and smoke incenses are afraid of what will happen if they fail a drug test for THC. The good thing about incense smoke is that it is completely THC-free—the effects you experience are caused by a totally different set of psychoactive chemicals. Western society is increasingly stringent about illicit drug use—some would say unreasonably so, when it comes to the magic herb—and the consequences for using these substances continue to mount. Recent media history shows at least one sports superstar who after having won numerous gold medals was then exposed in a photograph smoking something presumed to be marijuana. His public image was assaulted, numerous sponsors threatened (and some followed through) to pull their support, and even the Olympic records he had set were jeopardized.

No wonder, then, that "LEGAL HERBAL INCENSE" smoke appears as an attractive smoking alternative to the "everyman" who goes to work faithfully every day of his life and comes home looking to relax and unwind. The other legal high choices available to him—drinking or smoking, basically—all have serious long-term health consequences, and many times highly undesirable side effects as well. Herbal Incense Smoke, on the other hand, has not been shown to have any side effects or negative long term health effects, and produces a high that is every bit (if not more) as rewarding as either of these two choices. Still others choose to use incense smoke as a way to get off the tobacco train, having gotten in the habit of holding something and smoking it while wanting to drop the negative social stigma and health detractors.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that herbal incense smoke is a safe, legal, and best of all drug-test certified method of getting your high on without fear of consequences such as:

  • Job loss
  • Health or medical benefits loss
  • Loss of domicile or failure to be approved for rental application
  • Disqualification from sports events
  • Loss of citizenship or pending citizenship application
  • Possible probation or even jail time

Today's Legal Incense Smoke

Legal Incense Smoking

Although it was first popularized around 2002 or so, today's legal incense is a far cry from what it was when it came out then. Back then, the manufacturers of "spice" and "K2" as it was often called usually sprayed or otherwise supplemented their product with one of the many "cannabinoids" discovered by professor John W. Huffman. His research into possible treatments for AIDS patients and multiple sclerosis sufferers resulted in the naming of more than 450 new synthetic cannabis chemical "look-alikes". Many of these compounds produced similar effects to the THC found in cannabis. Upon publishing his work, it wasn't long before enterprising chemists found a way to replicate the chemicals he had discovered—and sell them on the open market. However, today's herbal incense is a product of numerous hallucinogenic, psychoactive, and psychedelic plants, herbs, and flowers, which when taken cumulatively, produce a highly desirable effect.

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